As of  May 1st, 2024, we incorporate two A320s and five A321s into our passenger fleet, each with a seating configuration optimized for maximum capacity. Additionally, we have integrated two A321 P2F aircraft into our cargo operations following modern conversions, enhancing our clients’ capacity on various routes when needed.

In total, our fleet for the summer provides an additional seating capacity of 1456 seats for passengers. Furthermore, our two A321 freighters offer approximately 55,000 KG of cargo capacity in total, supporting our clients’ cargo needs efficiently.

Versatile and Reliable

Well-suited for a wide range of applications, the A320 and A321 have an operational range that allows them to access destinations throughout Europe, as well as popular destinations in Asia and certain parts of the African continent from our base in Antalya.


With a maximum payload of up to 28 tonnes, the A321 P2F can carry a wide range of cargo types, from perishable goods to heavy machinery.

A321 P2F large cargo door measures 142 inches wide and 83 inches high which allows for easy loading and unloading of cargo, even for some oversized items.

At BBN Airlines, we handle operations efficiently, resulting in effectively reducing costs on behalf of our clients which makes us a popular choice among other airlines and carriers.